Country Roads Carriage Service

Team Members

As a local business, we pride ourselves on serving our home community.  Our passion is to provide you with the safest and most enjoyable experience possible through our personal touch and attention to detail.  Each member of our team is passionate about what we do and takes great pride in customer satisfaction.
Morgan- Manager, Certified Carriage Driver, Horse Caregiver, Safety Coordinator, Barn Manager
Jeremiah- CDL Driver, Maintainance Coordinator, Footman
Gene- Business Owner, Certified Carriage Driver, Footman
Paul- 13 year old Percheron Gelding, Manager of Affection, team member since 2010
Coal- 13 year old registered Percheron Gelding, Advocate for Professionalsim, team member since 2016
Moe- 11 year old Percheron Gelding, Official Alternate, team member since 2017
Watch for Debbi, Kareena, and other family and friends that help make CRC a success!